“A warrior is worthless unless he rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm.”  

~ Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Our Aim

Samurai warriors are here to change the world with kindness and justice. To rise up in the worst situations and lend a hand to those who need it the most. To fight against adversity — no matter the odds or the lords. 

We are just here to help them.


Made for Great Warriors

Great warriors need great swords.

We don’t waste precious steel on wall hangers. We forge real swords, for real Samurai. And real means: full tang, fully sharpened, and ready for battle.

No matter how you customize it, there’s something that you’ll know with 100% certainty: your sword will slice and dice and thrust as well as the ones used by Samurai warriors throughout the entire history.After all, if you want to stand up against adversity, you’ll need an authentic sword with you.

Unique Samurai, Unique Swords

Back in ancient Japan, symbolism could be the only way to know if someone was an enemy or an ally. Samurai warriors customized unique swords with symbols — and sometimes materials — that resembled their clan.

Today we don’t have clan lords to tell us what’s right or wrong. We have beliefs — acquired through a life of experience and hard blows. That’s why our swords no longer speak about our lords, but about ourselves.

Each samurai is unique. Their swords should be too.

We offer you the most complete experience of sword customization on the internet — from material to designs and symbolism. Everything customizable in real time, giving you the possibility to watch how every option you choose changes your sword.

Not only that, but we also want to stay true to the official sources. That’s why in every new part you choose — such as Tsuba or Menuki with mythical beasts and symbols — you’ll also see a fragment that explains what it is and what it means.

So by the moment you finish your sword, you’ll be able to confidently say “This represents me!”.

From the APP To Your House

We work hard so you don’t have to.

Our philosophy is that if something can be improved, it should be improved.

That’s why we polished our customization system to the point that now you can customize a sword perfect for you with no loading times and get it delivered for to your doorstep with just one click.

It is that easy!

And you can expect exciting news from us in the future. Especially if you become part of the clan.


Academy for Samurai

One of our main visions when we began this path was not only to give Samurai warriors the best swords possible, but to actually share knowledge with them.

That’s why you’ll find multiple pages exclusively dedicated to teach about different Samurai swords such as Katana, Wakizashi, Nodachi, and more.

You’ll also find information about the qualities of steel, the anatomy of Samurai swords, and more.

Take a look, make yourself comfortable. Welcome to the clan!