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What’s Your Ideal Japanese Sword?

Which sword are you after? Are you looking for the ultimate Katana sword? or perhaps you are more of the silent type who prefer the way of the Ninja? From small Tanto blades to large Nodachi swords, we got it all. fully customizable and made with a lot of care.

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Build Your Unique Samurai Sword in 3D

Online, easy, and with real-time preview. Build the samurai sword of your dreams and have it delivered at your doorstep— 100% functional and battle-ready.

Try now our unique sword customizer with hundreds of different parts and treatments at your disposal. Select from different types of steel. Customize engravings on the blade and special features. Pick the materials, designs, and emblems that you want.

Follow the way of the Samurai and have a sword like no other.

Handmade Swords

Our Samurai swords are hand made and can be fully customized as per your needs.

Battle Ready

Each of our sword is fully functional and battle ready, if you prefer your sword not sharp or razor sharp, simply select the option.

Fully Customizable

From the type of steel, to the size of the blade, all the way through the handle, fitting and saya, you can get it all.

Learn More About The Different Swords

The Katana

The Iconic Samurai Sword

The Wakizashi

The Honor Blade

The Tanto

Short Samurai Sword

The Ninjato

The Blade of the Ninja

The Nagamaki

Special Long Handle Samurai Sword

The Nodachi

Great Japanese Samurai Sword

Create Your Custom Samurai Sword in 3D

Real-time customization. Hundreds of different parts and treatments to build online a samurai sword that truly fits your needs. This is the way of the samurai.

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The Way of the Samurai

Customize My Sword Now

Back in ancient Japan, the most important thing for a samurai was his sword. It wasn’t just a tool, it was an emblem— an extension of the warrior. That’s why, from the beginning, they made sure that their sword represented them.

Samurai cared a lot about the look of their sword. They usually customized and even painted their own Tsuba (Handguard) to display animals, plants, and clan emblems. They also chose different colors, motifs and designs for the handles and Saya (Scabbard).

Having the right steel, choosing the perfect hamon, picking only the best materials… all that is important when building your own sword.

That’s why today we offer you the most complete sword builder— online, easy, and with 3D real-time preview. Customize a truly unique sword that represents you and fits your needs.